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Education & Human Resources
Shixi Technology has built a network in talent matching, information exchange, education and training for students and enterprises; including internet and big data platform in global internship and employment :—; Internship College —; Shixi Job App and Shixi Enterprise App. These include enterprise-oriented talent training; customized to scale programs for people training; re-education programs for people already in the workplace; providing lifelong education, training and certification; enhancing foreign cultural awareness for international internship and meeting the developing needs for the job market. The international workplace practice has a wide variety of programs, multiple delivery channels and of the highest quality which includes: American Ivy League School Project, United Nations Headquarters Project, Wall Street Investment Bank Program, Wall Street Financial Media Trainee Program, Wall Street Financial Trainee Project, Wall Street Elite Training Program, U.S. Career Consulting and Placement Service Project, New York Emerging Diplomatist Academy Project, Global Citizens College Fortune 500 Internship Program, IMPACT Global Career Development Summer Project, Shixi Technology UN Global Leadership Program, Employment and Immigration of Nurses in German Project and Singapore Financial Training Program.