Shixi Technology and the Ice-Snow Voice Culture Industry Alliance Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Source:Liu Hexin Posting Time:2018-10-27

( 27th, October, Shixi(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Ice-Snow Voice Culture Industry Alliance with join force in the fields of education and training to popularize Ice&Snow Sports embedded in schools and campuses for students skiing without caring the south and the north region of China. An introduction of performance course of the art on ice into schools and campuses and writting textbooks in terms of the practical state of Chinese students are the results of both parties’ cooperation to cultivate talents for extensively carrying the ice and snow sports out.

Shixi(Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and the Ice-Snow Voice Culture Industry Alliance

     The success of Beijing in winning the bid to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games has been elevating the enthusiasm for the ice and snow sports, which provides historic opportunities for the development of China’s ice and snow sports. President Xi, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, said that “The hosting of the Winter Olympics in Beijing will drive more than 300 million people in China to participate in the snow and ice sports, which will be a great contribution to the development of the international Olympic Games.” While the disharmony between the current status of ice and snow sport sites such as the number of facilities, scale, service level in China and the development of China's ice and snow sports, there is a big gap with the developed countries of ice and snow sports.

Due to the seasonal limitation of ice and snow sports, it cannot spread extensively. There are two main reasons that on the one hand, some areas do not have the enough conditions, and on the other hand, systematic teaching system and professional teaching staffs are not adequate.

After one year’s observation, the Ice-Snow Voice Culture Industry Alliance finally decided to bring in the simulation of ice slab from America for solving the season problems totally. This kind of simulated ice slab can be assembled freely like a floor. It is a special process of ultra-high density UHWPEt, the construction cost only about 1/10 of that of real ice. For skating beginners, sliding on this ice board is more stable and safer. It can be used for ice skating, figure skating, ice hockey, curling and other ice-based projects, almost sharing the same gliding experience as true ice. This simulation ice plate is imported from the US and is recognized by the USFSA and the NHL.

The imports simulation of ice slab from US, is not limited to site restrictions, can be skating in the yard.

Alice in wonderland on ice, a classical musical drama on ice from Russia brought by the Ice-Snow Voice Culture Industry Alliance as a new attempt of performance, has hold 23 tours succefully on the simulation of detachable ice slab in Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai and other cities, reaching 50,000 audiences.

Alice in wonderland on ice

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      Shixi technology will use its channel advantages to introduce ice art education curriculum to campus and schools, conduct ice and snow sports teaching training, seamlessly integrate with international education resources, promote the development of China's ice and snow sports commanding heights, and gradually carry out ice and snow project training and examination, events and so on.